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A wild ride | reflecting on the last decade

How are we in a new decade? I can't believe we have entered the 'new' roaring 20's. 2019 was a huge year and then I think about the past 10 years and the person I've become, it's just crazy.

I started the last decade as a young 23 year old, acting and behaving like someone much older than my years. I was a know-it-all, career climber moving from one opportunity to the next to get to the top of my field. I felt extremely dissatisfied with life, almost empty, and really only had my mind set on doing grown up things like buying houses, job security and stability in a long term relationship. At 23? Yikes. I was only a baby! Fast forward ten years and I'm flying by the seat of my pants, I have a lot of uncertainty, very little security, with new found love for myself and my life partner who entered my life 4 years ago and I couldn't feel more complete.

I ended up spending a huge chunk of the last decade leaving structure and stability behind. I was single for the most part and went on my journey to 'find myself' (how cliché), travelling to different countries, put myself out there, finding new hobbies, completing my yoga teacher training, getting my heart broken, studying, quitting more jobs than I can remember and packing up my life to live in tropical destinations with no plans and a one-way ticket. It was liberating and filled with life lessons.

I've entered the new decade as a 33 year old who has become the student in life, each day learning and feeling like I don't know a thing! And I certainly don't feel like the old woman I thought I was at the start of last decade. I started 3 businesses, kept two and achieved incredible milestones in life and in business that I am so proud of.

Becoming a yoga instructor was the life changing transition for me, it felt like real alignment and opened up more doors than I could have imagined. Like...

  • Introducing Canberra to SUP yoga on the lake

  • Developing and introducing floating yoga classes at the pool on the Salti Float, and creating that business!

  • Collaborating with legends to deliver goat yoga and the first Bend & Beers at Capital Brewing Co.

  • Working with Red Paddle Co to host a SUP yoga session with GWS Giants.

I believe living in alignment is when things start to happen. I've worked hard, with determination and always setting goals, and manifesting like crazy with vision boards, meditations, affirmations and taking small steps to make things come true. Nothing I have done in life has been left down to luck.

Now entering a new decade, with greater intention than how I started the last, brings me excitement. It's going to be one of growth, experiences, new challenges and life lessons.

I'm ready for the next wild ride, the roaring 20's.


If you're interested in learning about vision boards as a way to bring your life into alignment, I've developed a free guide on creating and using them. There's some little nuggets of inspo and examples as to how my most recent vision boards came to life. Check it out here:


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