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Levelling up in iso

I've officially switched sipping coconuts and working from cute cafes (like this one - Koast Cafe), to drinking hot tea in my trackies and uggs, while working from my couch

In between reorganising my businesses, I've been refreshing my digital marketing skills with the glow up social - instagram for small business course. There's always more to learn, even after studying marketing and working in the industry for 10+ years🤯

If you've completed Netflix and you're keen to level up your skill set & strategise your online presence, then do it with me - you'll save $50USD with my code "JOGA25"

It's relevant to any business, or personal brand on the gram.

I should also mention, Lani, the creator of this course is also an Aussie in Bali who owns the famous @guguidebali blog. She knows her stuff and it almost feels like I'm just drinking a coconut (or wine) in Canggu while catching up with an old friend. It doesn't feel like study. It's easy to understand with bite size modules filled with sass and hot tips.

Now go get it 🙌


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