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  • Where, when and how much are the classes?"
    All the info can be found on the upcoming programs and events page
  • Do I have to make a booking?
    Yes, you will need to book via the upcoming programs and events page
  • What are your payment methods?
    All classes are paid in advance via the upcoming programs and events page in order to secure your place. To do this, please select your class, select 'Join' for the class you want to attend and it will take you through to an online payment. Options are via credit/debit card or by Paypal.
  • Who can attend?
    Everyone and anyone! Guys and ladies! The classes are held in a relaxed, non-judgemental and fun environment, suitable for every body. Classes are suited to a beginner level, so if you have never tried yoga please join me! ​ Sorry but you must be 18 years and over to attend any Joga Yoga classes.
  • What do I wear?
    Studio based classes Something light, comfortable and fitted (not too baggy). Leggings/gym clothes are suitable that allow comfortable movement. Water based classes As above, but something that you are happy to get wet in. It's recommended to avoid any revealing/unsupportive swimwear as some of the postures may compromise your modesty. No shoes or socks will be worn.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Studio based classes A yoga mat a bottle of water a jacket or cardigan (you'll want this for savasana/meditation at the end of the session) ​​ Water based classes sunscreen (outdoor only) hat (outdoor only) a change of clothes in case you fall in a towel no valuables If you're attending a SUP class, don't bring anything that you don't wish to donate to the wildlife and bottom of the lake (sunglasses, phone etc).
  • What are water based classes? SUP and Float?
    Stand up paddleboard yoga Along with the benefits of land yoga, SUP yoga is on a stand up paddle board (SUP) out on Lake Burley Griffin. SUP classes start on land and we paddle out to an anchor point to start the class. Float yoga Float Yoga is on a floating platform (check out Salti Australia) tethered to the lanes of a swimming pool. The Floats are already tethered before you start class, so you jump on in the pool, walk to your Float, climb on and start the class. Floating and SUP yoga adds a low impact workout and improves our core stability. It reveals our imbalances by showing us what side of our body we favour more and helps us to develop a symmetrical body. ​ The mental concentration required to move on an uneven surface means we can really get in tune with our own body and mind by staying in the present moment. If we lose concentration for a second, we know we'll be in the water - which makes it even more entertaining (how stable can all the other yogi’s stay afloat with the giggles?!) SUP and Float yoga is fun and a good laugh!
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
    With a regular practice, yoga can improve your every day life. Studies have found yoga: activates the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces the flight or fight response in stressful situations, so it lower stress levels, anxiety and depression boosts your moods increases your strength, flexibility and balance and coordination improves focus, motivation and stamina improves sleep and sex! quietens the mind allowing you to make better decisions reduces stiffness massages your internal organs to improve digestion strengthens and improves the immune system removes toxins from your body make you feel good!
  • What are the benefits of water based yoga classes?
    When you move your practice to water, you gain all of the other benefits above, plus bonus extras... low impact workout it’s more challenging than yoga in the studio improves core strength improves balance improves ability to stay in the present moment it’s a good way to cool off It’s fun and a good laugh!
  • Can I still attend a class if I've never tried SUP, Float or even yoga before?"
    YES! Absolutely!!!
  • Can I bring my own SUP or Float board?
    No, all boards are provided for safety reasons.
  • Do I need to be able to swim to participate in water based classes?
    Yes. You must be a competent swimmer to participate. But if you are not a comfortable, please let me know before hand so I can arrange a personal floatation device.
  • What if it rains? Do water based classes get cancelled?
    The bonus of being on a SUP or Float and falling in the water is that it doesn't matter if it rains. But your safety is taken very seriously and the temperature, wind and conditions like lightening are taken into consideration. So classes will only be cancelled if conditions are unsafe.
  • What do I need to do before a session?
    try to avoid eating directly before class, it is best to attend on an empty stomach as some of the postures involve twists which could be uncomfortable on a full stomac drink plenty of water and avoid too much caffeine arrive with an open mind 5-10 minutes before class to set up and prepare switch your mobile phone to silent and put away before entering into the yoga space
  • What can I expect from a session?
    During class we'll begin with some breathing exercises to establish the connection to your breath we'll move through a gentle warm up and sequence to get your body and energy moving we'll then restore the body with relaxation meditation After class make sure you hydrate! you can expect to feel relaxed and more connected to yourself continue to enjoy the benefits that yoga brings to your every day life! ​ SUP classes are similar, except the class will start with safety information, paddling out to the anchor point and then paddling back to land after class and pack up of the boards. Float classes begin in the water, you walk out to your tethered Salti Float, climb on and the class will get started! ​
  • Do you need to know my health and medical history?
    Yes. All new students must complete the New Bendy form and advise of any health concerns and injuries before attending a class. If you are pregnant, have any injuries, illnesses or pain, please let Jo know before class starts. Regular students are required to keep Jo informed of any changes in general health or wellbeing (including injuries).
  • I'm pregnant, can I participate?"
    You are welcome to attend studio based classes, however please inform Jo beforehand and ensure you've received approval from your health practitioner. Unfortunately pregnant women are unable to participate in water based classes. If you have recently had a baby, you will need approval from your health practitoner to attend.
  • What about if if I'm not flexible or patient enough for yoga? Oh and have really bad balance?
    Great. Well you should try yoga. With practice, it'll help you improve this, plus you get the added benefits of yoga with it!
  • What advice do you have to get men into a yoga class?
    I'm glad you asked... So yoga was originally developed for men. Ancient yoga teachings were for men only and it was the western world that shifted the practice to be considered woman's 'thing' (thanks to marketing). But it's time to get more men back onto the mat. ​ Both men and women can benefit from yoga, however with suicide being the biggest killer in men under 54, the mental health improvement from a regular yoga practice can really make a difference to a man's life. ​ The combination of breath work, the postures and movement to release emotions (without the need to discuss it) and reflecting internally during meditation enables you to connect better with yourself and gives you tools to help manage situations in your day to day lives. Along with improving balance, strength, flexibility, training recovery and concentration - it gives you greater control over your mind. ​ So men, if you're reading this - come along to a class! Or ladies - bring your man friends! Here's some further reading about the benefits of yoga and men: Why more men should practice Yoga | Huffington Post
  • Can I buy a gift voucher?
    Absolutely! Send me an email to and we can discuss!
  • What if I can't make it to my booked session? Do you have a cancellation policy?
    General yoga sessions If you are unable to make your scheduled session, please email at least 24 hours before the class to receive a full refund. Missed classes or any cancellations less than 24 hours are non-refundable. Yoga events No refunds or reschedules - You may transfer your session to another person, however it is your responsibility if you wish to transfer your scheduled session.
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