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Why I love reformer pilates

Reformer pilates has been something that had crept into my instagram feed over the last few years. It was something that looked different, fun and challenging to boot.

While travelling across Australia last year for Salti, I came across reformer pilates studios that were focused on dynamic, fast paced, high energy and enthusiastic classes. Something I hadn't seen in Canberra before.

One of those studios was KX Pilates in Melbourne CBD. I took Brendan along and we both walked out feeling as if we'd had one of the best workouts we had in a long time.

I shared this to the 'gram stories (as you do) and said 'Canberra, we need KX'. Funnily enough, the KX team replied and said 'we're coming'.

Fast-forward a few months later and I see a call out looking for instructors because a new studio was opening in Braddon. I KNEW I had to be part of it. So I reached out to the studio owner, Shane, and put my hand up to get involved. Before I knew it, I was a KX trainer at the new Braddon studio, planning fun playlists and developing sequences to create some serious burn.

So why do I love it?

It complements my yoga practice

Reformer pilates works the whole body through continuous and controlled movements, which has given me greater body awareness. I've found since becoming a reformer pilates addict, my core has strengthened, I have more ability to control my movements and provides me with a more stable foundation for more challenging postures (like a head stand!)

Classes also have an emphasis on controlled breathing to encourage body awareness, so another outlet to focus on breath is a plus in my books.

It's a killer workout

Each trainer writes their own class plan so you never know what kind of class you're going to walk into. One session might focus on some super heavy spring sets (all reformers have springs, this is where the resistance comes in) or it could be sequenced around balance, stability or cardio (wait until you meet the jump board!). Classes are fast-paced and you can never expect to experience the same class twice.

It works all the muscles that are often hard to train

Each exercise engages the core and often spikes your heart rate as the exercise increases intensity (lunges on one leg, continuous for 90 sec, then let's add on a hold, then a pulse... for an extra 20 sec. ouch but oh yeah!).

Overall, I just love that I can go to a group fitness class where it's high energy, fun music, and I know I'll be working on my strength, lengthening my muscles, toning my body, improving flexibility, posture, balance and coordination, which then feeds into my yoga practice.


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