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SUP'ing with the balloons 2019

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The Enlighten Canberra Balloon Spectacular is one of those local events that you must mark on your calendar. And if you have access to a SUP or kayak, then make sure you participate on the water. SUPCBR started the SUP'ing with the Balloons event a few years back and each year it has grown bigger and bigger.

I couldn't even count the amount of paddlers that were out on the lake with us. We started our paddle at around 6.30am, with sunrise in our sights and watched the balloons rise up to the sky. The best part is the balloons often take a pit stop on the lake and give paddlers a little ride if you're feeling brave....

Here are some highlights of the morning, paddling on our Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP's. I'm riding the special edition 10'6 RIDE, Brendan is on the 10'8 ACTIV, which was perfect for him due to his height and size. Also perfect for SUP yoga due to the width and handles placed on the outer edges.

SUP'ing with the Balloons is held during the Canberra Day long weekend in March each year thanks to SUPCBR.


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