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Salti Active Canberra - my big announcement!

A while back I shared with you that I am doing everything I can to encourage and create healthy, happy communities with Salti - by introducing alternative ways to get people moving. Well thanks to ACT Sport and Recreation, that's happening right in our backyard! They've been on the lookout for innovative ways to get more Canberrans active and so permanent Salti group fitness classes are heading to the suburbs! With funding from the ACT Government, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong Lakeside Leisure Centres are launching Salti - This means classes will be more accessible, more affordable and more frequent.

As part of this, I've developed a training program and I'm handing over the reins to a group of super awesome instructors who will bring Salti to life across the Capital.

With my Salti baby in the safe hands of others, my Joga Float program will come to an end so I can keep spreading my message across the globe. This means, all of my instructing will come to an end, for now, so that I can concentrate on our business.

We need more options in communities to get more people active. I want people to feel like they can participate in physical activity where they don't have to be the best, just their own best version. Where falling can be fun, but certainly not failure. Where you can wear leggings to the pool and it be totally normal. Where you can embrace your own strengths, weaknesses and challenges and feel whole and accepted. Where you can have the supportive team environment, without the competition. Where getting active is joyful, hilarious, and your overall wellbeing is boosted.

I want to see alternative fitness options becoming more accepted and more accessible. And Brendan and I are working hard to achieve this.

A full program will be launching soon at these two locations stay tuned for details 😍🙏


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