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Mother Nature - My teacher

Mother nature has been my teacher during my journey back to Australia. Destroyed by herself or by others, she can always find a way to tell us what's toxic and what needs change. Then amidst wild rage, she gracefully rebuilds, bringing forth new life underneath. She peels back layers and starts a new. She blooms. And we can too. We can destroy ourselves, our environment, our relationships. We can peel back our own layers and make a choice to do the work, expose what we've buried inside us. We can create new life. New growth. New patterns. New habits. We can break free of what is not serving us. Just like mother nature, we can grow. There is a thick cloud of sadness looming over many, but mother nature has a message for us if we listen closely. In a matter of days she can give us new life. From the most subtle green leaves growing among the dry land. It's this silent message that reminds me how quickly we have the ability to grow too 🌾🌱 #bloom #growth

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