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Life lessons from 2019

2019 you were was one of my toughest. Not just emotionally, but physically and mentally. You pushed me to my limits, I was tested, challenged and I felt it with full force. I grew, I lost track of time, I taught myself so much, I had way too many breakdowns, but I came out the other side, and I am so grateful for that.

2019, you got me good!

  • You showed me that even though I was feeling the fatigue, no matter how hard things were getting, I am strong, determined and I can keep my head above water.

  • You taught me to not say yes to every opportunity that comes my way because I need sleep too.

  • You challenged me to really consider what I wanted in life and to always keep that in mind in every action I take.

  • You put a huge mirror in front of me to show me where I really needed to do the work, and it surfaced some ugly traits.

  • You brought me back down to earth when you took away one of my closest friends, who lost her battle with cancer and was too young to leave this earth. But this reminded me that nothing is more important in life than those who are closest to my heart.

  • You also gave me great strength to navigate through this grief, loss and heartache.

  • I lost self confidence, battled health issues that were on the surface and on the inside. You helped me to learn to love myself again, reminding me that beauty is not skin deep.

And with all of these lessons, came with times to celebrate and acknowledge. I didn't work my butt off for nothing...

  1. I employed staff for Salti and decided to go back to work in the Federal Government for most of the year because I had people to handle the day-to-day. But my business ended up needing me more than I thought it would, so I ended up working day and nights on end, but it was for the greater good!

  2. I collaborated with the ACT Government to host 12 weeks of free yoga classes in the city (while also working in the Federal Gov during the day, plus Salti and Joga classes at night.... ).

  3. In between the two above, I competed my reformer pilates training with the epic KX Pilates.

  4. I hosted the first glow in the dark yoga at Enlighten festival, flowing on stage with two of my yogi besties @aimee_yoga and @yogawithmilly.

  5. I had surgery to improve my health and I now feel 1000000% better than ever.

  6. I wanted to give the Canberra community more Salti floating fitness and yoga classes and applied for funding through the ACT Gov, and received $25K+ funding! I handed over my classes so now we have two permanent sites in Canberra, with more regular classes and at a lower price to encourage more people to get active!

  7. I developed Salti's first ever instructor training program and went through the process to have it recognised by Fitness Australia (and I have zero experience in developing training packages!).

  8. We grew our Salti team further and introduced our first Master Trainer who is an absolute legend and we are so lucky to have her on our team.

  9. Brendan and I committed to a life of S L O W and packed up our lives and moved to Bali, making a conscious decision to spend more time on ourselves, what lights us up and to create more time for us.

  10. The week before I lost my dear friend to cancer, I had the honour to attend her wedding and celebrate love and life as she married her man. A celebration I'll never forget.

2019, the biggest lesson you taught me was to never live life like that again. Never to push myself past those limits again and to ALWAYS listen to myself. To slow down and to breathe. And seriously, to practice more yoga.

My resolution at the start of 2019 was to go slow and to say no. At least I got there in the end...


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