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How I keep my goals in check

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

This week I finished a project I'd been working on since last year!!!!! And I'm so excited, it feels like the biggest weight has been lifted#girlbosslife 🙌 It's something that was super challenging, totally out of my depth (so I thought), but I am high-fiving myself because I think I may have actually nailed it 🙏 it's a little under wraps at the moment but I'll be sharing all in good time!

So what kept me on track? Vision boards and journalling! Every week I write down at least one task to get done that fits into a bigger goal. Just one. It's bite size and achievable! And I manage my workload using @trelloapp (thanks @ashhudson this has changed my life) ✅

So how are you tracking for your goals? Got anything you're working towards? Break it down and you will get there 🤞

Ps - accountability buddies are also good! @bjvandy you'd be happy to know it's done and dusted 🙌

Pic via @lifeinfocus_filmsandphotos


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