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A quote.

Updated: May 13, 2019

Does this quote resonate with you as much as it did for me? 💜

It’s the most liberating experience saying no to protect your own energy. I have a habit of saying yes to all opportunities and I end up depleted as I spread myself too thinly. Without fail, 2019 has welcomed me with mind blowing opportunities, events, life in general, pulling me in many directions while I try to catch my breath. It is an incredibly humbling and unexpected experience. Yet overwhelming at times as I learn to say no (even if a part of me wants to say yes).

But 2019 is “Jo’s no and slow” (I love how it rhymes). It’s up to me to stay grounded, be brave and stick to my own core values as I lovingly push back when it doesn’t feel right or if it’s going to impact my energy. It’s my job to set the boundaries. Committing to more distracts me from my core projects, values and goals. So I have a little check list and things have to meet a certain criteria for me to say yes… Does it align? Will it take up too much of my time? Does it require any major sacrifices (that includes cutting into me time or even sleep)? Is it going to be something I can grow or learn from? And do I genuinely want to do it? If it doesn’t meet this criteria, it won’t happen. We as individuals are our own biggest commitment. I refuse to let myself drown in a sea of other commitments and never ending to-do lists like I experienced in 2018. I am 100% committed to myself, my heart, my soul and this year I stand with my hand on heart as I announce that this is what is important.

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