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Welcoming 2019 | The universe can hear you.

Updated: May 13, 2019

⚡In the lead up to my first proper break, Brendan and I discussed plans. I specifically said I wanted to do very little, be by the ocean and surrounded only by good friends. With conversations that are real and genuine, or none at all. I had no interest in big parties or mingling with friends of friends (I have 365 days to make new friends). I just wanted to chill the fuck out and do/say very little. I laughed and said I pretty much don't want to talk at all... The universe, in its loving sense of humour delivered me just that. It waved its wand and giggled 'Jo, your wish is my command... have some laryngitis'. And just like that, my voice was gone 💬 We got to spend time with some of our down to earth, low key friends (that-feel-like-family) and we enjoyed pre new year celebrations while they were around. And it was bloody fantastic, even if I could barely talk. New year's eve was spent watching fireworks on the balcony, I drank half a glass of wine, reviewed some past and future goals/intentions, read my book and we were in bed by midnight. I woke up feeling like shit from the laryngitis, not self inflicted. The first new year I haven't been hung over in probably 15 years 😱 A very different way to welcome a new year (for me) but just what my soul was craving. Returning home and straight to the doc for meds, now it's time to let the universe know I'm happy to have my voice back 😯 happy new year 💫

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