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Appreciating a slow and mindful day

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

a mindful day

As time goes by, the more I appreciate the four seasons and to be honest, the extremities of the weather since returning home. Days like today, I've enjoyed moving slowly with my ugg boots hugging my feet, while wrapped in a blanket and my fingers warmed by copious cups of coffee.

On days like this I like to move less, rest more and allow the weather to guide me into stillness as it gives me time to recharge. And when tomorrow comes, I know my cup will be filled back to the brim and my energy high as the sun shines brightly through my windows 🌻 My day indoors has been pleasant, with less phone calls, less notifications and less emails, giving me little distractions so I can be consumed by my own projects. And now I look forward to the rest of the week with lots of buzz and sunshine filled days 😍 #fillingmycup #rainday Thanks @lifeyogamel for the 📷💜

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