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How are you describing your life?

We recently did this exercise during one of my classes. I invite you to follow along...

Everyone was given a pen and piece of paper and before we moved into our poses (asana) each person wrote down a word or two to describe their life.

At the end of our class, after relaxation meditation (savasana), each person received a drop of a grounding aromatherapy oil to enjoy and then take a moment to consider the words they wrote down.

I then shared this quote 'the way you describe you life is the way it is manifesting, so how are you describing your life?'

I invited everyone to cross out any words that they didn't want to manifest and re-write it 🧘🏼‍♀️📝🖊

I love this kind of exercise because it makes us aware of the words we use and helps us to re-write and let go of any negative narratives we may have let creep into our mind without realising. It also allows us to be appreciative of what we have if we didn't need to cross out any words! How amazing is that!

Sometimes we don't realise the language we use and little by little that's what starts to manifest in our lives.

I invite you to ask yourself the question and see what your answer is. I hope you can find positive words 🙏🏼 Remember what ever it is, is what will keep manifesting 🌕🌟🧘🏼‍♀️💕🌱

So me... My life is FANTASTIC!

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