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My first time bouldering

Updated: May 13, 2019

Rock climbing

I recently visited Bloch Haus Canberra for the first time for a climb. I understand why people are hooked on this place, such a challenge for you body and your mind.

It surfaced my fear of heights and fear of falling which hadn't paid me a visit for years now!

I really enjoy getting out of my comfort zone but when heights are in the equation I pretty well back down.

I don't rise strong or face the challenge. An observation that I noticed yesterday (thank you yoga for teaching me mindfulness, and in yogi terms svadhyaya - study of self)

Being exposed to this place now means I can face this fear head on in a safe and friendly environment 🙏👊💪 thank you my darling friend Emma for taking me. Cant wait until we go next week 🙌 time to channel my tapas (in yogi terms - burning enthusiasm/willpower/discipline) and be fearless!

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