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The art of slow and stillness when you're sick

Updated: May 13, 2019

Is there some kind of science behind when you finally allow yourself to stop, you get sick?

I haven't stopped in a long time. And being away the last month I allowed myself to stop (a little!). And now that I'm back, I was ready to go full steam ahead physically and mentally but my body is like 'woah, woah, woah nelly, calm it right down! Ease yo'self back into all the things, drink some tea, move slow and rest'.

I was keen to get to some yoga classes, more Pilates classes, go running and be super active because I felt my body calling it. But I was wrong. I tried to go a couple of days without cold and flu tabs but finally succumbed to them last night and ehhh I'm feeling better already (even if the tablets doing their thing it is a false sense of security - to the point where they fooled me into working until 11pm last night on a little yoga love project that I'm putting together). My mat is rolled out and I'm listening to my body. Not pushing it, just observing my thoughts, my breath and a little gentle stretch here and there. Stillness and meditation is yoga. It can be one of the most difficult limbs of yoga to practice but also have the most positive impact on one's life. I struggle being still, I struggle to quieten my mind. So I know this is good for me. I may not be moving through the physical side (asana/poses), but I'm checking in with my body and mind, nurturing and showing it a little love. Because it's always a given if I move too fast too quick, I'll over exert myself and be back at square one.

So my message here is listen to your body. Allow yourself to rest when you need. Take it easy so you recover and repair. And Meditate. Which is exactly what I'm doing now so I can be in tip-top shape for my classes this week.

I've got 2 days. And I'll be feeling a million bucks by my first class this Sunday (the power of positive thinking!) 💖🙏

And in case you're wondering, that's a giant skateboard in the background called a Hamboard. I bought it in Hawaii. And no, I can't ride it. Last time I tried I ate shit and injured myself. It's now a pretty wall decoration 😀

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