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Your vibe attracts your tribe | surrounding yourself with your people

Updated: May 13, 2019

Yoga teacher training Kirtan, Yoga

I came across a heap of photos from my yoga teacher training this week and had an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

This particular photo was taken during a Kirtan session on the beach (that's me with the massive grin in the white singlet). Kirtan is essentially the practice of yogic chanting/singing, which is an experience in itself. One that is truly incredible if you're ever apart of it (and a whole blog post in itself. I'll save that for another day).

Seeing these photos was a reminder of how fortunate I am to have met so many wonderful people since I started my own yoga journey and becoming a teacher (those I met before becoming a teacher, you're not forgotten, I love you too).

It really brought my attention to how much my relationships have evolved, grown and feel far more authentic than ever before. This goes for all new and old relationships, acquaintances or friends, I'm talking every touch point in my life.

yoga teacher training graduation

When you vibrate at a particular level, you attract other people on that same frequency. Yes, it may sound a little loopy, but it's real. And it means that my community, or 'tribe' is filled with incredible, like-minded individuals.

Who you surround yourself with says a lot about the person you are. I choose to surround myself with positive, uplifting, inspiring, motivated, genuine salt of the earth kind of people. My tribe shares similar interests, they support me and my successes, just as I do with them and we help each other through any dark times or set backs. They fully accept me for exactly who I am and provide me with a sense of community. If I don't get the right vibe from a person, I allow it to be a lesson and make a conscious decision to let them go. I don't waste time if the energy isn't right - this goes for business and personal. I'm a firm believer that life is too short to waste when things/situations/people don't feel entirely right.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Do you feel fully satisfied, nurtured and at home with your tribe? If you're not, have you ever noticed what kind of messages you're sending out into the world? What ever that message may be, you're inviting that into your world. Even mindless negative self talk, such as not being worthy of having a good support network or partner, or 'this shit always happens to me' attitude can send that message to the world and you'll get that in return. But you have the power to change your vibe by observing the subtle messages you're putting out. Make any necessary adjustments to transition to a more positive mindset to live the most true and authentic life to you. If you want a particular life, you have to live it, believe it, think it and speak it. And you'll begin to attract 'your' people into your life. If you haven't heard about the law of attraction, here's a link to read more about it and how to attract the right people in your life: 5 Tips For Attracting Positive People Into Your Life

I'm finding that I'm continuing to meet and connect with more incredible like-minded people including a huge amount of amazing yoga teachers, which is really humbling. I also feel particularly drawn to connecting further with other yoga instructors, growing our community. To the point where I have organised a Canberra yoga teacher get together. I guess it's because we all have something in common that is attracting us to each other... our vibe attracts our tribe (yah I know, it sounds super cliche!). But I'm excited to keep seeing the yoga community in Canberra grow and connect.

If you're a yoga teacher who wants to connect, please join us on Monday.

And if you're not a yoga teacher, thanks for entering my life and being part of my tribe.

The awesome in me honours the awesome in you. Namaste.

Canberra yoga teacher get together

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