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Creating space to spread my wings...

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Last night, at the end of my old faithful Monday night yoga class, I shared this quote ‘We’re so afraid to change careers, to end relationships, to outgrow people or places – and that’s just growth. To me, choosing to go towards the cracking in order to keep expanding is the only way. The only way to get out of pain is to go through it. Pain is information’ –Sophia Bush.

Towards the end of 2017, I was feeling exactly like this quote. Afraid to crack what I had in order to keep expanding. As if I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like my hands were tied, or my wings had been clipped and it made me confused as to what direction I should be taking in 2018. I’ve always been ballsy and willing to take a leap with a just do it attitude. But I’ve been apprehensive because I realised that what I didn't want to make changes that would impact others. But the truth is, I need to be brave and I need to move towards forward the cracking, the uncomfortable (or as the words go with the quote 'pain'), the unknown… to keep expanding.

What has been created so far…

Since leaving my full time job back in September last year, my entire world has just exploded with colour, opportunities and positivity. It’s like my life was a great big glitter bomb of fun. I assume this is what it’s supposed to feel like when you are living your truest version of you? Your life or soul purpose? I don’t have the answers to know if this assumption is correct or not, but I know that it feels more right than getting up and going to my old job in the Australian Public Service (APS), even though I LOVED that job five months ago.

This short time given me an abundance of opportunities which I am beyond grateful for. I have been able to create experiences for myself and for people that were not available in Canberra and that is where my true passion lies. To create.

The reality…

When I left my secure job, I had ideas about the direction of my businesses (I left to run two separate business), but I didn’t really think about the impact on my own time. I just had this impression that I had an abundance of time so I could do everything and anything I wanted, all while having a healthy work life balance.

Turns out, I have moved in a direction which isn’t the path I intended to lead. My focus has been on little rocks, not so much on the big rocks. And that’s where it needs to be, on the big projects. And my work life balance doesn’t really exist. I’m still tapping away on the laptop at midnight, I’m still answering emails at unreasonable hours, I’m still not getting 8 hours sleep a night, I still have little time to catch up with friends for coffee. I’m not finding time to do other projects.

What this means for me?

I need my time back. I need to free up some of the little rocks, I need to ‘let go’ to allow space in my life, so that I can create and work towards these projects and so the universe can deliver the magic.

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet since 2018 rolled around. That’s because I’ve been putting this practice into motion – creating space. Not filling up my time constantly, allowing things, ideas, decisions to happen and evolve naturally without stress and pressure.

Letting it go… Goodbye Forrest Studio.

As part of this, late last year, I made a decision to no longer hold onto Forrest Studio. This studio comes with some emotional attachment, which I had to work through but made the decision to no longer continue with this venue. I also feel that holding onto material possessions also blocks opportunities.

This decision has made me feel liberated, to the point where I am slowly letting go of everything that no longer holds value or a place in my life. Even my gorgeous little VW Beetle that was my pride and joy (I’ll miss you bumblebee, I’m glad you’ve gone to a great new home).

I’m trying the minimalist movement. I’ve done it before, let go of everything and it’s like I can breathe better, more deeply and life just happens in this magical way! And it’s time to do it again. Let go of anything that weighs me down, emotionally, physically, financially or costs me time.

This means Joga will be moving forward into the direction I had intended it to go. Writing this actually holds me accountable to it!

What this means for you…

More events, but less ‘regular’ classes. I’m going back to the original line-up for my studio based classes. Monday night’s at 6pm is it, for now. I may introduce a second class in a few weeks that will run less frequently, but that will be the limit of regular classes. This doesn’t impact my Float or SUP classes, this is seasonal so these classes are due to finish in March.

This also means a new venue. I’ve searched far and wide to find the PERFECT location and I’ve found it. It’s in the heart of Kingston, there’s plenty of space for us to play and it’s absolutely beautiful. So as of next week, classes will be held at the Social Club in Kingston. I am so excited to be teaching here.


I introduced extra classes late last year. However, I didn’t really evaluate the time it takes to prepare each class. I don’t just show up and improvise. Each class, I take the time to plan intuitive sequences and themes to work different parts of our bodies, to awaken different sensations, to guide you to experience mindfulness, stillness, patience, peace, emotions, stretching and enjoyment.

Running loads of classes a week, creating and hosting events, plus running my other business, actually has meant that I’ve left myself short on time to continue to create.

The future

This means that I can make my Monday night class the best possible class it can be. I want to spend time creating wicked playlists that allows you to escape the mind and be present. To help progress your practice physically and energetically, giving you more variations and assisting you towards your goals. This also means I can spend time creating more events for Canberra, being open to opportunities such as corporate classes and partnerships and other side projects, as well as growing myself professionally. This may change again in the future, but this is where I am at this present moment and I feel that this is the best decision for me right now.

My yoga teaching mission is to find creative ways to get every body to the mat, in an inclusive, fun environment and I want to stick to this. At this point in time, I don’t want to run ordinary yoga classes.

You may have seen on the weekend I was fortunate enough to teach Float yoga at North Sydney Olympic Pool. This was an opportunity that I was able to create with my other business. With time, effort and energy. When I put my energy and effort into the direction I want to go, I can spread my wings and create.

This big change hasn't been an easy decision to make. I felt like I was letting people down. But I’m finally at peace with this decision and I am ready and excited to spread my wings.

So bendie’s… as of Monday next week, a new timetable and venue will be in store. Check out the timetable here and please join me on Monday night for a new phase of Joga Yoga…

PS - Thank you for choosing me to be your instructor and thank you for joining me on this journey! I'm excited to see what's yet to come!

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