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Monday class announcement

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

You may have seen my little post on the socials about an announcement... well, it's time to spill the beans... *big breath* Monday night's are changing! I'm saying my farewells to my regular Monday night Get Bendy sessions at the Social Club. This is to make space for a new program to launch in August. I'm swapping land for (more) water!

This change is more in alignment with where I see my future heading. It moves me closer to the direction of why I left the 9-5 'golden handcuffs' of the public service to pursue my own path. And the Pisces in me is stoked because it's water based.

My weekly Monday night classes have taught me some pretty invaluable life and business lessons and introduced me to so many great people along the way (seriously thank you to everyone who has joined me on a Monday night! You all hold a special place in my heart). Part of me didn't want to stop Get Bendy because I felt like I was letting my regulars down - I have such an amazing crew who attend my classes week after week. I also said that my Monday classes were non-negotiable and that I'd never give them up! Funny how things change.

But with time we evolve. I'm farewelling my Get Bendy classes for now so that I can introduce a new Float program, which is the perfect complement and alternative to my current Strength + Balance program. And I'm really excited about it!

There may be the surprise Joga Get Bendy class here and there (because no doubt I'll miss it), but for now, I'm looking forward to a new chapter. The last Get Bendy class will be on Monday 16 July. So there's two more weeks to practice with me at the Social Club in Kingston. Then I'll be taking a little time out until the launch of the new program.

So stay tuned for the announcement of a new Float program, coming this August.

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