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My arvo with the GWS Giants + Red Paddle Co

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

SUP Yoga with GWS Giants

I was recently invited to spend the day at Balmoral Beach, Sydney with Red Paddle Co and the GWS Giants to host back to back SUP yoga sessions with the team.

I had a great afternoon in the sun thanks to the epic Sydney weather and the entertaining energies of everyone involved.

Everyone fell in, including me while I was teaching 🤦🏼‍♀️😁

This was the first time I'd ever fallen in mid class!! The first time I fell in was at the end of teaching my very first SUP yoga class in Canberra, I was explaining how to get back to land and reached in the water to collect my weight and I fell in!

It was my absolute pleasure travelling there for the day, the guys were all so lovely and good value (never have I heard so many 'meows' during cat/cow 😂or spirit fingers, or 'flossing'...I think a new yoga move has been created thanks to the team).

Thanks Red and GWS for the invite, I really appreciated it!

Here's a vid and some pics from the day!

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