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Kids yoga at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome relaunch to South Point

Updated: May 13, 2019

So after almost two years, I finally put my kids yoga teacher training to good use! I had the most entertaining weekend at South Point Canberra earlier this month seeing new and familiar faces (including some of my favourites like these two delightful little ladies - thanks Ash and Sum for the pics!)

I absolutely love how kids imaginations run wild - you say one thing like 'you're a butterfly' 🦋and the next minute they're running laps of the mats flying around saying they're now a snowball or a unicorn🦄 😂 you ask them what colour they are and they tell you 'rainbow zebra spots' or 'brown'. 💩 We went on an imaginary adventure and I asked if we were ready to leave the house once we put shoes and jackets on and every single one of them (even 3 year olds) told me we needed sunscreen (you see me listening to their advice and putting that on in the second pic!). I love how sun smart they are! 😎

Family yoga sessions followed the kids sessions and it was also super adorable - lots of partner work and balancing.

Day two of the event was all about Mum's and their families for mother's day. 🙏 Each session there was lots of laughter and joy. ❤ To close each session, I asked everyone to think of something they loved and if they wanted to share it. The most common response was ice cream.🍦 Thanks South Point Canberra and Damsel and Sprout for the invite!

Here's a few more heart melting pics from the events!

And a little vid from the launch event!

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