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New year, new yoga space

Updated: May 13, 2019

Joga Yoga at the Social Club Kingston

Ahhh, since I announced last week that I was cutting back to allow more energetic space - I tell ya what, that space is energetically filling up with all sort of other good things for my side projects (YES!!). It's amazing how the universe has it's way of working.

Since making the decision, I'm feeling extremely satisfied, grounded, grateful and humbled by everyone who has reached out and is supporting the changes in the Joga world. Also so stoked and grateful to everyone who joined me at my first class at the Social Club on Monday.

Joga Yoga at the Social Club, Kingston

Classes will be here each Monday at 6pm and I'm loving the inspiring space. Want to see what it looks like? Here's a peak inside of where we'll be practising yoga each week...

Joga Yoga at the Social Club

We enter through an inconspicuous door in Green Square, Kingston to be greeted by these stunning stairs... (I was so in love with them that I had to sit on them and touch them!)

The stairs takes us up to a landing with a few different rooms. We get to see the gorgeous lounge and kitchen area, but we bypass this to get to our new yoga space...

The kitchen and lounge

Joga Yoga at the Social Club

Joga yoga at the Social Club

Who else can't resist a swing when they see one?

Keep walking and there's two rooms, the big room and side room. Our yoga studio is the side room - overlooking the laneway with massive windows. The window sill is lined with candles that drip all the way down the walls if they burn long enough, creating an oh so ambient setting, with a black chandelier hanging over head...

The side room, our new yoga space

Oh you need to pee? Check out the glam bathrooms!!!

The Social Club Kingston, pretty pink toilets

I did peek in the mens toilets (didn't you?), they're the same with a lush green tile. Just felt a little awkies getting a pic!

So guys, this is us for the next chapter! I'm excited about the future here and seeing your faces, joining me for a class here!

Joga Yoga at the Social Club Kingston Canberra

Join me on Monday's as we Get Bendy at the Social Club

Monday's at 6pm

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