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Beer and yoga… my pick for bending with a brew

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The legends from Capital Brewing Co opened their new brewery and tap room a few months back now and after months and months of patiently (ok, if I’m honest, more like impatiently) waiting, I’ve now been able to try all of their delicious goodness, direct from their taps.

If you’ve ever attended one of my Bend + Beers sessions at their brewery, you’d have also experienced the flavours while enjoying a tasting paddle after the yoga sesh.

We all get a tinny to enjoy during the sesh, but it’s after that you really get to indulge and taste all the samples.

The yoga sessions at the brewery are about ‘mindful drinking’, so we enjoy the taste and textures while moving through traditional yoga poses (yoga asana).

It’s a modern twist on yoga, we don’t end with a long savasana (I’m sorry if you just came for the savasana…) but it’s a great way to stay present in the moment by merging two things that a lot of people enjoy.

So, here are my top picks for bending with a Capital Brew..

Capital Coast Ale

This has been my go-to beer since I found my first Capital Beer in my hot little hands sometime in 2016. A take on the Californian common ale, It has a mild, crisp and refreshing flavour and it doesn’t linger, so you’re definitely craving more after each taste. It’s also a great beer to start with if you’re a seasoned yogi new to drinking craft beer.

Want to try? Grab a case here: Capital Coast Ale

Spring Board – Summer Ale

This is my new fave! It still has that nice mild, refreshing flavour, but the hints of fruity orange, mandarin honey and coriander seeds gently carries through to your next sip, wedged between your downward dog and cobra.

Trail - Pale Ale

This beer is made for the adventurer, inspired by the Capital Brewing guys' love for hiking the hills of Canberra. It's fresh flavours start off with a malty balance and then leaves a smooth hoppy bitterness. With the aromas of floral and pine, you'll really channel tree pose while balancing this beer on your head.

Evil Eye – Red IPA

If you want a beer that packs a punch when you find yourself drinking from your reverse Warrior II pose, then this is the one for you. It’s flavour is much stronger, full bodied and gives you a huge hop kick as you return back to Warrior II.

My fave…

Spring Board Summer Ale!

Bonus beer...

Bring your doggo, they have a dog beer too! And I'm happy for your furry friend to join in on the bendy action too! Let's merge three loves.... Dog, beer and yoga!

Join us for a Bend + Beer sesh

Our next Bend + Beer sesh is being held at Christmas in Glebe Park:

When: Friday 15 Dec at 5:30pm (need a last minute Xmas party idea…. Here you go. You’re welcome!)


Sunday 17 Dec at 2pm (recover from all your Xmas party shenanigans, with a Sunday sesh!)

Bookings essential.

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