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My top 7 SUP yoga poses for beginner's

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

If I haven’t declared it to you before, you should know… I LOVE SUP. It is probably one of my favourite things to do. Combining SUP and yoga together and you get a pretty amazing experience. My SUP classes are structured for all abilities, new to yoga or SUP. So if it’s something you’ve been considering, the answer is there’s no time like the present. Get on board!

One thing you should know is that heading out on the SUP does not mean you’re going to get wet. I take great care in my sequencing and instructing to really allow you to feel safe, stable and confident on your SUP.

If it’s a hot day, I’ll guide you into some asanas (poses) with options that will guarantee you’ll get wet, but as we’re a seasonal city, a cooler day means a more chilled out, lower level session to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable floating on water.

There’s a number of poses that we’ll move through in a sesh, here’s a few that you’re likely to experience…

Balancing table pose [Dandayamna Bharmanasana]

Looks easier than it is! This requires a lot of focus, balance and activation of the core.

Balancing table SUP yoga pose Red Paddle Co

Mountain Pose [Tadasana]

Moving to this pose is your first attempt at standing up on the SUP. For those new to SUP, they find a great overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction, standing tall and brave on top of water.

Tadasana, mountain pose, SUP Yoga, Stand up paddle board yoga, red paddle co, joga yoga canberra

Downward facing dog [Adho Mukha Savasana]

You'll get used to this one! It's as great on water as it is on land!

Childspose [Balasana]

This is your resting pose, you're welcome to return to this at any point throughout practice.

Bridge variation [Setu Bandha Sarvangasana]

A fabulous backbend, you can stay in bridge pose (both legs down), or you can move through variations where you lift one leg up at a time. You'll identify if one side is stronger than the other immediately and focus on building strength in both sides.

Warrior II [Virabhadrasana II]

This one is a challenge for the mind and the body. It can be somewhat daunting to stand in this position, however there's a knee variation if you're not ready to move to standing. If you do feel confident to rise to standing, you'll feel brave, strong and very much a warrior as the name suggests!

Corpse pose [Savasana]

THIS! You will be saying by the end of it... 'I really just came for the savasana'.

Laying down, with the sun on your skin, feeling the gentle rocking of the water beneath you is the ultimate way to relax. Dip your fingers in the water for greater connection and you'll be feeling grounded, chilled and content.

Book here to join me for a SUP yoga class. Classes are brought to you by me, Joga Yoga and The SUP’ing Caveman (Canberra’s only SUP school).

Jo’s board is a Red Paddle Co board – available at Wetspot Water Sports Canberra.

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