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Season ends 19 March 2022

Float yoga


Manuka Pool

60min class - single session

Slower paced class

Suitable for beginners

Swap your mat for a Salti Float! Yoga at the pool! 

With the same benefits of the ancient teachings of yoga, Float yoga adds a greater challenge with a low impact workout that builds core strength and improves your focus to stay in the present moment (because if you zone out for a second you may fall in!).


It's also a bit of a laugh and a good way to cool off! 

2 wk Float challenge

Starts 7 Mar

Manuka Pool

30min sessions - 2 wk term

Fast paced

Suitable for beginners

Salti Strength + Balance is a short 30 minute, dynamic yoga and pilates inspired workout on the Salti Float.


Featuring functional movement and core strengthening activities that will make a splash. This program is designed for you to become completely lost in 30 minutes that will test your mind, your breath and your body, while keeping you fully present, focused and ready to face the challenges ahead.