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Breathing exercise - finding calm



Have you ever noticed what happens to your breath when you have an overwhelming emotion such as fear, stress, nervousness or anger? Or what happens when you're in a difficult situation? 

Breathing is the only bodily function that we perform consciously and unconsciously, meaning it can be voluntary or involuntary. However, when we observe our breathing pattern we can connect with ourselves and discover what's going on in our mind and body.

In the wake of recent world events, many of us are collectively feeling a sense of overwhelm with the unknown and what we can and can't control. However, what we can control is our internal environment using our breath. A simple breathing exercise provides a physiological response signalling to our body that we are in a rest and digest state, rather than in fight or flight.


So to help cultivate a sense of calm in your mind and body, I've put together simple instructions for you to follow.


Download the guide, save it to your phone and refer back to it whenever you feel overwhelmed or need to calm yourself down, or to move through anxiousness or stress.

Just breathe - Look after you x

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