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Yoga instructor business coaching

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Have a passion for teaching yoga, but no idea how to get your business off the ground? Maybe you're freelancing at yoga studios, burning the f*ck out teaching multiple classes per week, earning anywhere from $30-70 an hour. 

And you just know in your heart that you can make it work. You can quit your other job and ignite the passion to teach, make a profit, working lesson hours and not run yourself into the ground.

This is for yoga instructors who want to fast track their business with the support of a high-vibe container. Where you'll learn the business side of yoga, what they don't teach you inside your YTT.

There's two ways to work with me:

1) one-on-one private coaching (3 month program)
- 90 minute introductory strategy session to map out a plan for your business
- fortnightly coaching call to keep you on track
- unlimited voxer support (your own coach in your back pocket)
- tools and resources to get your business off the ground

- total investment $4999 


2) mastermind container (group coaching 6 month program)
- fortnightly mastermind, numbers are capped so all participants have time to share and leverage from each other
- unlimited voxer support (group coaching chat in your back pocket)
- tools and resources for your business
- total investment $6999
- starts January 2023


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