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Splash Saturday

Salti Float taster sessions

Starts Saturday 18 August at Civic Pool



How long have you been wanting to try a Float sesh?

Have you been wanting to join in for a session for a while now, but you've missed out or the times just don't suit... Well friends, I've been trying my absolute HARDEST to accommodate your needs!

Because I want you all to try this incredibly fun activity too! 

So, introducing Splash Saturday's! Four weeks of absolute FUN, to introduce you to all things float and splash. This takes elements from my Float yoga sessions, my Strength + Balance programs (version 1 and 2.0) and throwing in some free time to explore and play, giving you total tasters!

It's light hearted and it's fun. There'll be loads of laughs, there'll be some strenuous activity, but most importantly, it's about giving you a chance to let your hair down and do something for you. 

Why am I doing this as a 4 week program and not casually?

Because consecutive sessions allows you to become familiar and confident on the Floats. Consistency is key! And once you're confident, you'll be hooked. 

You can expect yoga poses, functional movement and core strengthening activities that will make a splash. You'll be become complete lost in 30 minutes of fun activities that will test your mind, your breath and your body, while keeping you fully present, focused and ready to face the challenges ahead. 


Oh and the pool is 28 degrees! And it's open to anyone - if you are new to yoga and to Float, you are totally welcome!


Just like all my Float programs - Expect your cheeks to hurt

Am I talking about your glutes or your face? I guess now that I think of it, probably both.

But no, what I'm referring to is your face. Expect to have fun, laugh, play and let your hair down.


Our sessions will be light hearted, and you'll leave feeling good, filled with endorphins

You'll get out of your comfort zone - you'll face fears and challenges

During the 4 weeks you can expect

  • 4 x 30 minute sessions (one per week) exploring play, your own strength and balance with physical movement to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles that don't often get attention

  • Opportunities for your to face fears

  • Your body will feel stronger

  • Your mind will feel stronger and calmer

  • You'll meet like-minded individuals and make great friends

  • You'll have fun!

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You have no injuries or health concerns

  • You're looking for a new way to move your body and develop your strength in a fun environment 

  • You want to be surrounded by positivity and others who support you

  • You love a good challenge and one that helps you stay motivated and focused 

  • You are comfortable in the deep end of a swimming pool and can swim 25 metres 

  • You have the strength to pull yourself up onto a platform/pool edge (there will be lots of moving to different Floats in the water, so you need to be able to climb onto Floats in the deep end )

  • You're happy to get wet (there will not be a single workshop where you'll stay dry!) 

  • You're over 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian


For safety reasons, this program is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or recently had a baby. You must receive clearance from your doctor to participate if you have recently given birth. 


What's included

  • Pool entry 

  • All equipment (Salti Float, straps, resistance bands, blocks)

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group to stay connected, chat and share photos

What to wear

​Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. This can be colourfast activewear or modest/sports swimwear.

What to bring

  • Clothing or swimwear for on water

  • a towel

  • a change of clothes 

Term investment

Total cost is $105 for 4 weekly taster sessions in advance to reserve your place.